What is Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed car transport means your car will be protected from the elements, treated with the utmost care, and carried in an enclosed trailer, usually with fewer vehicles. Not everyone needs enclosed shipping but we highly recommend it if you need the best care available for your vehicle. We recommend this service to collectors, luxury and exotic car owners, or people who want the highest level of safety. On the other hand is open transport, which is when your car is wedged on a trailer with up to 10 other cars exposed to the elements. A great analogy of the two services would be enclosed is like first-class for your car while open is more coach. Using ShipYourCarNow we will get the job done safely and easily either way, it comes down to a matter of preference. We break down how to determine need and our certifications below.

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Do you need enclosed car transport?

Are you shipping an antique car which needs special care? Are you worried about potential damages to your classic or muscle car in standard open auto transport? An enclosed auto carrier is the car transport service for you! Enclosed car carriers provide added protection for your vehicle. They also mean less stress for you.

Enclosed Auto Transport is mainly used for classic cars, prototype vehicles, and specialty vehicles which require extra attention and care when being handled. Ship Your Car Now has the utmost professionalism in handling these vehicles, this includes:

  • Experienced enclosed auto transport team for precise loading, shipping, and customer service
  • Full car covers, steering wheel covers, floor covers, and seat covers for enclosed car shipping (All optional)
  • Hi-tech 24/7 surveillance warehouse
  • High-security sealed containers to prevent tampering during enclosed vehicle transport
  • Highly detailed reports which include pictures for every part of the journey

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Ship Your Car Now is a ConsumerAffairs accredited company.

Fully licensed Ocean Transport Intermediary, Domestic Freight Forwarder, and Property Broker.

$250,000 Contingent Cargo Insurance in addition to the cargo insurance each carrier has in place.*

$250,000 Contingent Cargo Insurance in addition to the cargo insurance each carrier has in place.*
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