Open auto transport is the most cost-effective vehicle shipping method in the United States.

You may even have seen some of our open auto transport carriers on the highway. On open car carriers, multiple vehicles are secured on an open trailer. And while your car is exposed to the elements during open car shipping, it’s exceedingly rare for even minor cosmetic damage to occur.

When you choose open transport, quick and affordable car shipping is the name of the game — especially when you ship a car with us.

Here at ShipYourCarNow, open car shipping is our bread and butter. Since it is our most-requested service, open auto transport is the primary focus of our network of experienced car shipment drivers. Whether you have a certain date in mind down the road or need expedited service, we have an open auto shipping solution for you.

Open Carriers

These are the most common type of vehicle transportation options, we have all seen them – ten cars secured in one open trailer and the most familiar image related to auto shipping. Unlike the closed variety, there is pretty much nothing that stands between the weather and your vehicle, however they do have their advantages compared to their closed cousins. There are far more of them than the other type, which makes them far more available for those who need them for starters. You have much higher odds of finding them for your needs, so this is one great advantage you will have with them. On the other hand, they are also cheaper and more affordable than enclosed versions of the carriers used in auto shipping. They do however also have some disadvantages, such as letting your vehicle exposed to the whims of the elements. There will be dust on it, rains may fall on it and so forth. There will be a danger of other fluids leaking onto your vehicle, depending on its position as well, so you should keep that in mind when you choose that option. If you own a convertible and you want it moved, then it will be placed on the top rack to avoid issues with any fluids leaking from cars above it.

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