What is Expedited Auto Transport?

Expedited Car Shipping, or express auto transport, is when a customer needs a car delivered as quickly as possible. This could mean at an exact date or by an exact date.

In the auto shipping industry, moving several vehicles at once is always the most efficient option, but not always the fastest. The less cars the carrier loads, the faster the service.

Shipping to and from a major city makes it easier to find a carrier to pick-up faster. A major metropolitan area means there will be more trucks available on your particular route. Our logistics experts will work with you to find the most convenient location and the best carrier to accommodate your time frame.

Simply put, expedited auto shipping is a service that gets your vehicle picked up within a day or two as opposed to the more standard week or two.

 It’s essentially quick pickup for your vehicle when you ship a car, but expedited shipping isn’t really all that cost-effective unless you are in a real rush and you don’t have a choice. If you don’t know, shipping a vehicle is expensive, and often takes quite a bit of time from the time you start getting quotes to the time your vehicle is ultimately delivered. Expedited shipping puts that on the back burner, and allows you to pay more money than you do for standard shipping in order to get your vehicle picked up more quickly.

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