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Ship Your Car Now average rating:
4.9 out of 5 based on 35 reviews.

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  • Eli M in Katy, TX on 1/16/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I was very surprised how easy it was to ship a vehicle I purchased for my elderly mother from Houston to El Paso. I was even more shocked how cheap it was to do so. A one way flight alone was $450 had I driven the 11 hour drive and delivered myself. Best decision I made! Gerald my shipper was exceptional. Jay from Ship Your Car Now made me feel comfortable with my first time shipping my vehicle. Called Friday at lunch and the car was delivered Saturday the next day early evening. Highly recommend this service!!

  • Dominique C in Jonesboro, GA on 1/13/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Awesome company! Skip helped me all the way and they went above and beyond with customer service I truly appreciate it..

  • Mary P in Center , CO on 1/11/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I was getting jerked around by other shipping companies when I found these guys. Sean was my associate that helped me. He explained to me how car shipping works and I appreciate his honesty. He got my vehicle shipped and was always available to answer my questions. I had trouble reaching the two other companies once they got my info. Very frustrating. I would come back to these guys again. 

  • Ron K in Oroville, CA on 1/9/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    My thanks to Alex for a fine pro job.  And to Zack for the pro connection.

  • brenda w in round rock, TX on 1/9/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Gary and his team were a breeze to work with.  Communication with them was easy and clear. The shipper showed up when scheduled and my car was delivered on time. 

  • Sue G in Indianapolis, IN on 1/8/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    This is the third time I have contacted and used "Ship Your Car Now" and they have always come through with flying colors!

  • Alan S on 1/5/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Excellent service, prompt, courteous and excellent communication!

  • Tammy R in Stratford, WI on 1/4/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    As a classic car business, we rely on Ship Your Car Now. One call to Randle and I can trust things are handled thoroughly and professionally. Their customer service, with us, and our end customer is second to none, and we consider them an extension of our business and service offerings. Always competitive pricing with rock star service!

  • Vincent P in Dragør, Denmark, 00 on 1/4/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    SYCN picked up my Corvette in Colorado and shipped it to Germany, where I picked it up and took it home to Copenhagen Denmark. All in all a very pleasant experience with excellent support throughout the process. I will certainly use SYCN if I ship another car or MC home from the US. Highly recommendable!

  • Laurencia F in Wildwood, MO on 1/2/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Exceptional service.  Would highly recommend.

  • Kate L in Portland, 00 on 1/1/17
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I gave ShipYourCarNow a high rating because they contacted me quickly after my initial search, followed up on my emails about inquiries, and because the person I worked with, Mark, always tried to give me the best deal. The initial quote was a fantastic price, and Mark made sure that it stayed the same price even when the dates of my car's transport changed around. He was always friendly and dedicated to get my car shipped to where it needed to be on time. I truly lucked out by working with him and this company. I'm sure that if I had picked another company I would have been in car limbo as soon as I had to change up the delivery time frame. I was nervous at first making a contract for shipping my car. Especially after hearing horror stories about moving companies that took your belongings away, and didn't deliver them for months after the contracted delivery date, but I took a leap. Things worked out great, and like I mentioned previously, Mark made sure that my car got to where it needed to be on time. It was an overall great experience working with this company. Thank you Mark Frater.

    If you'd like to ask for Mark, you can contact him at: 954-271-0281

  • Barry G in Stevenson Ranch, CA on 12/30/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Fast delivery and Sean communicated with us from beginning to end. The only mishap was that the driver forgot to hand over the title at delivery. He isn't completely at fault though because the seller neglected to inform us about it. 

    The driver communicated with us after and we made arrangements for us to meet. It all worked out. 

    A great & affordable way to transport!

  • Karena B in Norfolk , VA on 12/29/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Fast and simple process. The staff that I worked with was nice and helped me out of a complicated situation. 

  • Samira H in Seattle, 00 on 12/28/16
    ( 1.5 out of 5 )

    My vehicle was scheduled for pickup december 26-27th. Got the date confirmation of the 27th,through email. 27th arrives it is now 2 and have not been called so myself and mother call for an update no one answers. We wait another hour call again only to be told we should be getting a call soon,it's still early. But that they would contact the driver. 3 hours pass no calls no emails, we call again only to be told we should be receiving a call in another 3 hrs,i had told the rep we had been told that 3 hrs ago! Says they have reached out to drivers but no response. We wait. 6:30 still nothing. call again to be told they show a window of two days 27-28th and it was still early we should be getting  a call mind you we have already told them we got the confirmation email for the 27th. 10'rolls around and still nothing!!! Very unimpressed with the customer service and lack of communication!! 

  • Janine and Jim M in Magnolia, NJ on 12/28/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    My husband and I booked another carrier who committed to a pick up and drop off date with 3 weeks advanced notice.  Both dates came and went w/the other company still hadn't been able to locate a driver for our pickup.  We called Ship Your Car Now and had our vehicle in 3 days.  The customer service, professionalism and dedication far exceeding our expectations.  

  • Todd D on 12/23/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Amazing Company! They required no credit card or money up front. They shipped two cars for me and it was no problems....easy!! Shipped from Iowa and from Dallas to Houston. I highly recommend!! Thank you!!!

  • Michelle G on 12/22/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    AmAzIng from the beginning to end!!! This was my first time shipping a vehicle. It started with a phone call and got Shawn. He walked me through the process and made me very comfortable. Laura another wonderful employee who went the EXTRA mile for me. Sam the driver with a kind soul and prompt and safe delivery of my vehicle. All together a Wonderful Experience I would highly recommend this company. Thank you for making my experience #priceless 

  • John S in Kahului, HI on 12/20/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    JD Klein@shipyourcarnow saved my move from Orlando, FL to Kahului, HI. My household goods were already on the way and I had arranged with another company to pick up and ship my car to Hawaii. The designated ready date was 11/25/16, but their transporter never showed up nor called. After three days and numerous phone calls to the company proved fruitless, I made a desperate search on 11/28 for a replacement auto shipping company as I was flying out of Orlando the next day. Thankfully, I was contacted by JD Klein, who took the time to explain the shipping process to me, eased my mind by answering all my questions, and facilitated all the arrangements to pick up and ship my car the next morning. My vehicle arrived in Kahului according to schedule and I am deeply grateful to JD Klein for his professionalism, straightforwardness, and nurturing kindness in helping me through a stressful situation. If you're in the market to ship a vehicle anywhere, I highly recommend the Ship Your Car Now transport company. Believe won't regret it!!!

  • Vincent P in Pueblo, CO on 12/17/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Excellent service and support throughout the entire process. They picked up my 85 Corvette at the house in Colorado and got it to Germany with no hassle. Highly recomendable. 

  • Alissa A in Weston, FL on 12/15/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Shipped my car from Florida to New York. Ship your car now was easy to work with. Prompt dependable service. 

    I highly recommend !!

  • Shelley M in LEESBURG, FL on 12/8/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I can't say enough about Ron!! He arranged to have my van picked up about 24 hours after I first called him, even on a holiday weekend! I was very relieved and felt like my van was in good hands. Truck driver was nice, prompt and kept in communication with me. Fantastic experience with this company!

  • Shonda B in STONE MOUNTAIN, GA on 12/8/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I'm a manager at a dealership here in Stone Mountain, Ga., I contacted "Ship your car now" after finding them on the web and doing my research... They were great, i needed a pick-up in Charleston, SC and the price was right, my delivery came on time... I will be using this company again, they get an A+ from our dealership... Thanks

  • nancy p in murray, NE on 12/4/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    If you are in the process of investigating shipping companies as I was. then I suggest that you take a few minutes to read some of the reviews for this amazing group of dedicated professionals...I am adding my own and realize I sound so much like everyone else, but if you are looking for honesty and integrity this is the group to work with.  I was so pleased to have Eric as my contact person and from the first call he gave me the impression that he was a professional.  He was patient with my questions and gave me the facts I needed to make a decision.    This really can be a painless and rewarding process.  If our delivery driver is an example of the transport companies that they deal with,  I can not believe there could be an better way to ship a cherished vehicle.

  • Mark R in Las Vegas, NV on 11/29/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    So here's the reality, if you've never shipped a car before, everything about this business seems sketchy. You submit your info online, and suddenly you get dozens of calls from different brokers practically begging you to give them your credit card information. I had never shipped a car before, and after dealing with the madness for ten minutes nearly just drove my car from AZ to MA. Luckily, I got a call from Tim Montgomery with ShipYourCarNow.

    Tim's a good guy. He's lived right next door to my hometown, he responds to questions thoughtfully, and almost immediately, and he doesn't hem and haw around the way things are. He'll tell you exactly how the business works, and most importantly he'll be upfront with the actual cost of shipping your vehicle so there are no surprises on delivery. I shipped my car with Tim, and got it on time, with no problems whatsoever. He made sure I had my driver's contact information, and would help me communicate with the driver to get updates on the location of my vehicle.

    The best part? He was available via text at all hours of the day. I texted him a question once, and he replied with an answer followed by "I'm at the gym now, but let me give you a call when I'm back in the office". That's some dedication. I'd highly recommend shipping with Tim Montgomery, and ShipYourCarNow. This isn't just some fake review written by an intern somewhere. I'm a real guy, who really shipped his car.

    Call Tim: (603) 498-1326

  • Craig D in Nashville, TN on 9/21/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Joe Hout is the most professional person I have ever dealt with. There are a lot of JOKERS in this type of business, but Joe is not one of them. Deal with joe and you will not regret it. Thanks.

  • Scott in Albany, LA on 9/21/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Start to finish great service. Was kept informed of drivers status along the way, fast, friendly service. Best rates out there and to be highly rated on BBB, have great consumer reviews, and James was awesome explains the whole process to me before signing up. Best voice out there if you need to ship a vehicle. Will definitely recommend and use their service again!!

  • Laura G in Los Angeles, CA on 9/21/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I needed a car shipped from California to Colorado. My mom contacted Mike Logan (Boca Raton) to inquire about the service. He was a tremendous help. This is the first time I have needed to have a car shipped. My son moved to Colorado with his girlfriend and they plan to be there for 3 years. They drove together in her car so I needed to have his car shipped to him. Mike was very professional and he assisted every step of the way. We are natural worriers and Mike put us at ease and was very understanding that we were new to this process. My mom called Mike several times to ask questions and to clarify things and he was always very professional. Caesar was the driver who picked up the car early on a Thursday morning and my son received it Friday early evening, so fast!! We are so happy with this service. It turned out better than we could have hoped for. We are very satisfied and grateful to Mike for all his help. We will not hesitate to contact him when my son moves back to California and needs to have his car shipped again. I recommend anyone to contact Mike Logan in Boca Raton 888-532-8805 or 954-300-2726.

  • Mary Ellen J in Altamont, IL on 9/21/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Shipping our car from Illinois to Colorado seemed overwhelming to us with not understanding how transporting worked and with so many companies to choose from. Somehow we connected with Mike Logan from Ship Your Car Now and he was awesome. He helped us with everything - from explaining how it worked to getting the whole process set up, and then making sure it was going as planned. The transport driver Mike chose for us was great. Steven from Ed Transport connected with us by phone and text messages before the transfer, during the transfer, and after the car was delivered. Ship Your Car Now is the best! Don't waste your time sifting through all the other companies. Just call Mike Logan and you can be very confident that you made the right choice.

  • Tom R in Boca Raton, FL on 9/21/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I put out a request for shipping my HD about 4 months prior to the need to ship to get rate. Tim not only emailed but asap, unlike the others. I told him my situation and he said he would call me in a few months to get this all set up, and to the day he followed through. Great customer service. Bike was picked up and delivered as promised and on time. Would definitely recommend to all.

  • Rathna in Minneapolis, MN on 9/21/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    My friend introduced Michael who is associated with shipyourcarnow he educated and explained complete pricess pros and cons of the transport with very much cost effective doriin who delivered car safely very much impressed with their service i strongly recommend their service.

  • Saskeia in New York, NY on 9/16/16
    ( 4.5 out of 5 )

    It was great to work with Shayna. This was our second time working with here and it was very smooth and easy. She made the process so simple and explained everything in the beginning. She always answered my questions and was considerate of the significant difference in time zone. We will be working with here again in the event we need a car shipped. Thanks

  • Sheila R in Tulsa, OK on 9/16/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    I was having a difficult time working with another company trying to ship my vehicle from Oklahoma to Maryland. I waited a full 7 days with NO contact from them after giving them $175 deposit. I got fed up with waiting and called SHIP YOUR CAR NOW. I was very skeptical after everything I had been through with the previous company and Tanya was so nice and patient with me. Within an hour of our initial conversation, Tanya called me with a carrier and within 2 hours she provided the driver's phone number. My vehicle was picked up at 7:30 the following morning and in Maryland 3 days later, which is the timeline given to me by the driver. I was so pleased with the service I was provided. I urge anyone shipping a vehicle to use SHIP YOUR CAR NOW. I promise, you won't regret it.

  • Donna J in Livingston, MI on 9/16/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    Dealt with JD and he kept his promise. Needed immediate shipping of a car that a prior transport company defaulted. I required asap transport, and JD got a driver and car picked up later that day. As promised, the car was delivered exactly at 7 a.m. next day. Awesome. Thanks JD

  • Kevin in Akron, OH on 9/16/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    First time I've ever used a service like this. I dealt with Tim Montgomery and he was extremely helpful throughout the process. Great follow up, did what he said he would do, and got my vehicle picked up and delivered promptly. Appreciate your help!

  • Dave C in Chicago, IL on 9/16/16
    ( 5.0 out of 5 )

    What a great company. I would recommend this company to anyone, Shaun was our dispatcher kept his word on the pick up time and called to follow-up. Great job Shaun!!!