Car Shipping

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You can get a fast and free car shipping quote to find out exactly what it will cost to get from point A to point B. We are committed to timely and safe delivery, so you will get your car on time and damage free. We have shipped all types of vehicles to many different locations, from antique and exotic cars to military and law enforcement vehicles. No matter the size or value, we will make sure that it arrives just as you expected.

Shipping Rates – Accurate and Affordable

Our objective is to provide the most accurate pricing available. When you communicate with our shipping coordinators, please be as detailed as possible about the size and condition of the car or vehicle. These details may include any lowering or raising of the vehicle, custom wheels, tires, rims, spoilers, and anything else that might add weight, height, width or length to the vehicle.

It is also important to fully disclose the running condition of the vehicle. If the car cannot start up, drive, and brake under its own power, special considerations will be required. We can ship cars that don’t run, we just need to know that information before picking it up.

Vehicle Transport

If you are a car dealer, military or a corporation that needs to move vehicles regularly, please let your shipping coordinator know so we can take care of scheduling and work out volume pricing with you. If you are buying a car and having it delivered to you (without being able to personally inspect it first), please be extremely careful about your purchase. If possible, have the seller shoot a video of it in operation and take as many pictures as possible. This way you will know what to expect when the car arrives.

We also specialize in RV transport, international car shipping to a variety of different countries and also RV, boat, and motorcycle shipping.

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