How to Transport Your Motorcycle

Here at Ship Your Car Now, we are motorcycle experts and know how important bikes are to people because we ride bikes ourselves. We have shipped bikes all over the country and world, whether it’s a scooter, racing bike, ATV, or six-figure custom, we’ve shipped it. We know that a lot of these bikes need special care when being shipped since a lot of these vehicles are of different sizes and shapes, many car carriers do not know about this, which can lead to damage. This is why shipping your motorcycle with Ship Your Car Now is the smart choice, we can have your bike crated and put on a lift gate or adhere to any other requests. We have a 5-star rating and will not disappoint!


From scooters to racing bikes to six-figure custom bikes to ATVs, we’ve shipped them all and shipped them all over the world. There are special considerations to be taken when shipping bikes, and there are many instances of a regular car carrier not being equipped or experienced in moving a bike. This can end up damaging the bike. If you need it crated and put on a lift gate and shipped enclosed, or if you need more conventional shipping options, we’ve got you covered either way. We own and ride bikes ourselves and are 5-star rated and have millions of miles of transport experience under our belts. We look forward to moving your bike soon!

Making Shipping Arrangements

Many of us at ShipYourCarNow ride bikes and understand how enjoyable it is to have heavily customized machines. However, this can change its transportation requirements, so if you have customized your vehicle to make it longer, heavier, wider, or taller than the original specs, please let us know. Usually, the maximum size for motorcycle transportation is 118” long and 46” wide, but we can make arrangements for bikes that exceed those measurements.

Ready To Transport Your Bike With Ship Your Car Now

our car shipping advisors are available by calling (866) 390-0354 to answer all your questions.


Our goal is to make your shipment as cost effective and pain-free as possible. In order to manage this will need to make sure we communicate clearly with our clients before and during shipment. There is no such thing as providing too many details when it comes to shipping your motorcycle, because the more information we have the more accurate our pricing can be and that makes it easier for us to provide safe, secure shipping.

Let us know about any custom fairings or extensions or body kits. Send us a picture if that is easier. We’d love to see your bike and it gives us a good idea about what we’re about to ship and what we’ll need to do to make sure it arrives just like you left it.


We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so if you are attending an event such as Sturgis or Daytona, let us know so we can coordinate your shipment to arrive on time and possible even arrange shuttle transportation for you. We can completely wrap and palletize your motorcycle for extra protection when you want to ship custom or collector bikes.

There are many different options for every kind of bike, whether it’s a trike or a motorcycle with a sidecar, and our professional drivers will provide the care and attention they need. All our drivers are fully insured and we will work hard to make sure our services match your expectations. Contact us today for a free shipping quote.