Knight Rider: Shipping KITT

In mid-December we received a request to transport a 1986 Pontiac Firebird from California to Dublin, Ireland. Little did we know that we would be shipping a celebrity, but as always we did an A+ job getting everything done! When the discovery was made nothing about our professional shipping changed, but we did get excited and did make sure to get some up-close pictures of KITT!

If you don’t know KITT your childhood isn’t complete. KITT, the talking car from Knight Rider, is one of the most well known and famous cars in television history. Driven by Michael Knight, and saving lives and the world one multiple occasions, KITT is the super intelligent car packing a military mainframe cybernetic processor with artificial intelligence and all sorts of toys to help Michael save the day.

KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand, and is the second car built with artificial intelligence. The first was a failure due to some programming issues, but that’s for another story. The real story here is that from time to time KITT gets shipped to different parts of the country, and what’s exciting about this is that Ship Your Car Now got to handle this world famous talking car!

Custom Knight rider Intro